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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  April 20, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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o'reilly factor is next g night from washington. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, i want you to remember one phrase. "racist. not violent -- not racist, not violent, just no longer silent." c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. if you have been a listener of mine for gosh, it's almost been ten years now. me on the radio. then you might remember a time when hi radio show was based in comedy. i used to try to -- it was much more like jon stewart really on the radio. we would look at the news of the day. and try to make our points but make them in a funny way.
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obviously, i was conservetive, where jon stewart is not. but today, today, over the last ten years i have found myself in a position where i never intended on being. you know, the show is day-by-day is about as funny as smallpox quite honestly. and there is a lot of stuff i do that i don't want to. recently i got a lot of heat for telling "forbes" magazine that my company is an entertainment company. but only after they printed half of that quote from that conversation were people saying that. when they went back and wrote another story and finished the rest of the line, people understand what i was saying. my company is an entertainment compacompany, but find myself now in a republican where i believe the repup republic is on fire the quote said i don't think
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sending a cartoon dog out with a fire hose is the way to put it out. the reason why i tell you this is i think our lives are about to change. man, we have been so lucky. we are the luckiest people on the face of the earth. we really are. we have lived at a time where freedom and technology have been a man's zenith. never before has life been like it has been when we were growing up. not even for our parents or grandparents. i mean this was a pretty sweet gig we have going for us. and i don't think we're much different than each other. you know, i want to go to the mall and go shopping. i want to go to the movies. i don't want to think about all the things we now have to think about. unfortunately, it's time for us to be the greatest american generation. we're not just protecting our republic for us.
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this isn't a selfish thing. this is for our children. quite honestly, and i find myself talking more and more about god lately, because i think that's where our solution lies. with god. this land if you believe the founders was founded through divine providence, which means this land is sacred and special. and it's going to be used for his purposes. which means our rights, they're not ours. we're holding them until he has a reason until that generation comes to do whatever they're supposed to do. my guess. we talked on this program about faith, hope and charity. i'm going to be real frank with you. when we started it up, i painted those paintings. i wasn't exactly sure how this direction was going to work on television. i still don't know if it is. but here is something you
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won't hear on tv. i introduced faith, hope and charity because i felt led. i felt the promptings of the spirit or whatever you want to call it, that that is the direction the show should go in. i'm not sure exactly -- i'm being completely honest with you. i'm not really sure where this is going to lead. i don't know how this ends. i really don't. i told my staff today i feel like sometimes we're in a plane and i know the airport is down, there but i can't see the landing strip yet. and i know we're in the area. i want to bring you the news of the day. but i don't want to bring you the news of the day. and the reason i don't is because i'm not the guy to do it. i'm just the guy who happens to be sitting in the chair.
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and it doesn't seem to me that anybody else is going to do it. and it makes me, it has changed my life. you know, i sat down with my family, what, about a year-and-a-half ago? we got down on our knows and we prayed and then we had a family conversation. and i said, you guys believe your dad? yeah. they said if i say these things and i start to do these things on television and radio it is going to change our life and not for the better. and you are going to -- dad is going to not be liked by an awful lot of people. and we made a decision as a family that we didn't really have a choice. we have a duty. i find myself in this position. i happen to truly believe these things. i think you find yourself in the same position. so now what are you going to do? shut up about it?
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there is a struggle. there is a struggle every day of trying not to be divisive. i mean before, a year ago even, you know, i had to try to entertain people and bring them to this message and try to make it entertaining. i think our country has changed so dramatically in the last year and we're entering dangerous, dangerous territory. last night i turned on the computer and i saw -- turned on the drudge report. and i saw that time magazine and joe klein said that i, said that i was engaging in sedition. and my wife looked at me. and i know, i i'm practically 100% chick. she looked at me and said, "what's wrong?" it was like a horse stepped on my chest. and i said i love my country. i love my country.
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i don't even understand how speaking out now can be sedition. but that's what klein said about me and also sarah palin and then rush over the weekend. here is how he laid it out. >> i did a little bit of research just before the show. it's on this little napkin here. i looked up the definition of "sedition," which is conduct and language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state. a lot of these statements, especially ones coming from people like glenn beck and to a certain extent sarah palin, right up close to being seditious. >> this is, you know, joe is right. they'll him an another person. name rush limbaugh who uses this phrase constantly and talks about the obama administration as a "regime." >> glenn: first, the napkin makes me think maybe joe you should spend more time researching. the only piece of evidence he cited is that rush uses the word "regime." well, maybe, jon, should have done a little napkin journalism, and googling
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before he went on the air as well. it may have helped him find out that the term "regime" was used 675 times to refer to the bush administration since january of 2001. the host he was talking to used the term to describe bush and he, himself, used regime to describe the obama administration at least four times. so i'm trying to figure out how they can use the word "regime" and it's to the a problem, but rush uses it. see, it's a game. it's a game. they're trying to get to us argue and call each other names and just ratchet it up. and i ain't going to play that game. how is it seditious to disagree with the president of the united states in america? how is it seditious to say the democrats and the republicans spend too much money? what is seditious about telling people to get involved, know your candidates before you vote? i love my country.
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i don't hate the government. i hate what all of us have allowed the government to become. not just with obama. but the last 100 years. it didn't wake to this until what? five years ago. i don't hate obama. i pray for this president every single night with my children. i disagree with him. i disagree with the progressives a lot. they think the constitution is a living breathing document that needs to change with the times. i do not. that's fine. let's have that conversation. i take him at his word that he fundamentally wants to transform the country. i'm just asking the question: into what? get the real debate in the open. if that is seditious, hoo, who are we?
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i think i may be the most valued person in america. but then i need you. i think we all were on september 11. a year ago i really thought that if i could prove this, if i could lay out the evidence, nobody from abc or cbs, or some place they would take the evidence and they would disprove it. or they would join me. i don't think anybody really wants to tell the truth anymore in america unless it's involving money or power. i don't know what it is. but i don't think that there is anybody else coming on board. you know what is really weird? i'm okay with that.
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because it's only really a small collection of people in washington and new york that are still buying into this lie. some know that they're lying. others are still buying into it. millions of americans are just like me and you. we get it, we see it. we may not have wanted to. we may not have seen it in the bush administration, but we see it now. you know, people say where were you during the bush administration? does it matter? i'm here now. where are you? see, i think we have an honesty shortage in america. so i think maybe, i think maybe that's what we just have to do on this program. i'm not going to apologize for my opinion. and nor should you. here is the truth. the truth is the president is surrounded by radicals who want to fundamentally transform the country. and if they told you the truth, they'd admit and they wouldn't mean it in a negative way, they would
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admit. our agenda is radical. good. but somehow or another they're playing this game where they need to convince america that somehow they're not the radical ones, but america is radical. that you are. if i would have said hey, what do you say we socialize, what do you say we socialize the banks and socialize the car companies and we give what is going to turn into universal healthcare, what do we say we do all of that in the first year? nobody would have voted for that. but they got it done. imagine the bravado needed to believe that you can convince americans that america is the problem. i mean that is amazing. that is like something breaking in your house at night and hold you at gunpoint and the police
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arrive, and bad guy wearing all black and he has the stocking cap on and he has the knife holding it and you're in your pajamas and the bad guy looks at the police and says, "you have to arrest this guy, he just broke in my house." you would be standing there blinking at the cop like is it just me? he is holding the knife, officer! how do people not see this? lack of honesty. i am reading about the tea party gores and hearing what bill clinton said about the tea party goers. these people are peaceful, polite, friendly. look at them. they're your grandparents, for the love of pete. these people are either your parents, or your grandparents. somehow or another they're hate-raging people? that doesn't make sense at all. a 23-year-old african-american went out to find if the tea party was
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racist or not. he said, "obviously i have political disagreements, but i cannot lie. i cannot say that people have been anything but nice to me. they have been shaking my hand. i will definitely walk away with a new understanding of the tea party." that was in politico. robert mccartney, liberal columnist for the "washington post" did the same thing and went to a tea party in washington. "tea partiers are not seething, ready to explode racist." th none were clamoring for civil disobedience much less armed revolt." there are two people willing to tell the truth that i disagree with politically. there needs to be a lot more who realize it and wake up to their duty. their duty as a citizen to tell the truth.
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honestly, with things the way they're moving, i think we are running out of time. so you have to, you have to ask can yourself what is your duty? what am i here for? am i here to go to the mall? am i here to have a sweet life? or am i here to make a difference? we're being shoved in a place where you can't stand. i think there is a set-up going on honestly and the idea is to convince you that you are the radical, the one out of the mainstream, and the administration, the former radicals are an american monument. okay? this is what they're doing. in the 1960s, the man, man, nev california. this is president. these are the radicals and these are the people. this guy was plotting to blow up the country. this guy was in fdn. this guy is a marxist. this guy is talking about poisoning drinking water --
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sorry, putti putting sterilents drinking water. this is radical stuff. this is what they were doing in the 1960s. this is the man. the american family was here. okay? here is the man now. here is the american family. here are the nazis out this weekend. the radicals have all gone up here. okay? all of the radicals are now the man. they're trying to -- this is even, he is even taught in school as the man! okay? so these guys are all -- and the family? the family has to be taught that they are the nazis. the family has to become the radicals. this guy. he is a radical. what has happened? i want you to remember two phrases. one, "don't you dare confuse hate with the truth." the only reason why you can confuse hate with the truth
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is because you haven't heard the truth in so long. now what do you say? the only thing left in america that is shocking is the way people actually feel. that is the stuff that anybody snobody says anymore. you say what you're supposed to, not the truth. johnny got a participation trophy. he didn't win. that is a loser trophy. what is that? that is the truth, not hate. then remember this. "not racist, not violence, just not silent anymore." i want you to keep those in mind when you hear these stories. because over the weekend, bill clinton said this -- >> a lot of the things that have been said, they create a climate in which people who are vulnerable to violence, because they are disoperated like timothy mcveigh was, are more likely to act. the only point i tried to make was that we ought to have a lot of political
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argument. nobody is right all the time. but we also have to take responsibility for the possible consequences of what we say. and we shouldn't demonize the government or its public employees, or its elected officials. we can disagree with them and harshly criticize them. when we turn them into object for demonization, you increase the number of threats. >> glenn: what have they done to people like this? i'm not saying they started it. what have they done? you got to be kidding me. since when in america don't we go after the politicians or the government, itself? americans, we started this country with a distrust of the government. george washington, read his words. don't trust the government. don't trust power. don't trust the people. they will become corrupt. how is that not an american idea? i don't hate the government. i don't even hate the people. you know, in 1776, they fired
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bullets. the tea party don't need bullets. they just want to fire politicians. that's what they do. fire politicians, not bullets. this is an attempt to silence. this is an attempt to do this. 10%, 10-80-10. remember this. 10% makes the wrong choice in an emergency. 10%. 10% leads you to the wrong place. 80% just waits for somebody to say, i don't know, tell me what to do. they look for somebody for authority to tell them where to go. 10% leave the others to safety. they make the right choice. you have to figure out which category you're in. bill clinton was being used, i believe, by this 10% that is taking you in a different direction. that is trying to teach you that the tea party ral rallrall that they are not average families, they're the
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radicals. he is going to the 80%. he's not going to you and me. he is going to the 80%. saying you can trust me, you know me. you can trust me. you may not know me. i don't ask you to take my word for it. i ask you to use your brain. i ask you to use your gut. the tea party goers, they are not timothy mcveigh. timothy mcveigh was an american monster. more on this next.
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>> glenn: i want to talk about a rally that happened in los angeles this weekend. the reason why i bring it up is because it's something i told you was going to happen. we are repeating the mistakes of the 1930s. there was a michigan group there, scenario nar neo nazis a all white immigration must be prevent and we demand all non-whites in america be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to the land of origin peacefully or by force. can i ask a question? is there anybody sane that
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believes this? is there anybody in the sound of my voice watching this show that believes this? you know, if you are watching, and you're like well, yeah. turn the channel. the media will try to paint these people as tea partiers and paint these people as the right. let's go for the truth now, okay? what is their real name? do you know what the nazi party really is? national socialists. national, keyword, 'socialists 'socialists. wow! i thought the right was against socialists because the right wants small government. unless you're a progressive.
2:26 am
then you do want big government. who showed up? on the right, media will tell youatitis nazis. on the left, no one will tell you it was answer l.a. these are communists and socialists and violence. what a surprise when you get the communist and the nazis together violence might break out. bottles and rocks were hurled, cars smashed up. it didn't look at all like a tea party. one man was chase and beaten bloody. remember the train track thing i told you about? do you have -- there it is. remember how i told you america took its own track and the progressive movement bent it back down. the european tracks, there are no freedom. there are rulers. kings and queens or fascist dictators. that's what it is. in america, it's different. we were the tracks, the individual. you kept the government as small as you could. well, the progressives around
2:27 am
1900s started turning the tracks back down to the european track, which is communist on the left, and nazi on the right. okay? that is what it is. this is european. do you think that all democrats, do you know democrats? i do. trying to think who my family members who are democrats. most of them quickly left the democratic party. i know democrats. i know liberals. i don't think they're all communists. these are not democrats. this is the left and the progressive left. not democrats. this is the progressive right, not republicans. these two categories come from europe right and left. they have nothing to do with america. it is the fundamental transformation, the progressive left and right. the neo nazis, national socialist. you put it on the left in
2:28 am
america. answer l.a.? what do they advocate? socialism. it's the same people. they are just trying to decide who rules over you. the press is trying to make you believe the nazis are standing up for you side. i have news for you. you are not in this picture. you are nowhere in this picture. if you are in this picture, you are a danger to society. this is why you can't stand there. you stant stand where they put you, because they put you in a box with nazis. democrats, you're put in a box with communists. that is not who you are. we have to stop with the "r" and "d" stuff. we have to stop with the republicans and democrats stuff. i know, i have done my fair share of this. we have to stop. we have to stop. does anybody else in this country feel they are driving a wedge between us?
2:29 am
we have to become, we have to become our grandparents. it is time to do our duty with honor. to stand up for republic and stop playing the games. right is right, wrong is wrong. communism and naziinaziism, the are both socialism. they don't belong here. the more we play, republicans did it. the democrats, where are you now? the more we don't notice that the nazis and comemies are the same! it stops us from addressing the real problem. the real problem is the fringes of society are now starting to take our country over. because we are too busy on other stuff. i don't know if all the democrats get that yet. some republicans are still playing the game.
2:30 am
we have radicals controlling the agenda. remember the rallies from the 1930s of communists and the nazi rallies? do you remember these? social justice used for propaganda. oh, my gosh, you should see how the media is spinning this stuff on social justice. it is a game. i don't think you are playing a game and i'm not playing a game. we have from baltimore the 2010 naea national convention, where the artists are working on art and social justice. anytime there is a nut job that tries to commit acts of violence, the media immediately tries to identify them with the right. what do you do? what do i do? what do americans do? you change your thinking. do not get sucked in this
2:31 am
game. change your life. all the crap you've done in your life where people say where were you? when jesus comes in your life and you say i want forgiveness. he doesn't say where were you saturday night? i think you were drunk, mister. he says thank god you're here now. do you know the militia that recently got raided, only one person in the militia had any identification. they were a democrat. do you know who turned that militia in that were trying to kill cops? another militia. if you have a good militia and a bad militia, doesn't it cancel each other out? how can the good militia that turned them in not be raving about how they're heroes? because the press doesn't understand what a militia is. they forget the first militia was started by ben franklin. we will remind you of that and so much more next.
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the tea party. join me at the top of the hour for "special report." ♪ ♪ >> glenn: the battle lines are being drawn and a foundation is being laid down and you are being painted as a scary, well, the neo nazis. very scary anti-government
2:37 am
racist, timothy mcveigh waiting in the wings. that is who they want you to believe you are. do not accept it. peace and love in your hearts. just tell the truth. the truth is tea partiers are not racist, they're not violent, they're just not silent anymore. that's it. the left is lining up against you. remember, the radicals in today's administration, the radicals have connections to everybody. and who is assembling? well, first, go to the riots with the nazis. supposedly an anti-war group international answer. they have aligned with members of workers of the world party. wait a minute. andy stern, wo workers of the world unite. get out of here. many leaders are current members of the party for socialism and liberation. liberation of what? lorasa, i mean you want to talk about a racist statement. if i called an organization the race, wow!
2:38 am
anyway, loraza supports driver's license for illegal aliens. i'm not for that. they oppose any cooperation between local law enforcement and federal authorities such as immigration and customs enforcement and enforcing u.s. immigration laws. then you have ms-13. this is a blood-thirsty, a notoriously violent drug gang who is often left behind dismembered corpses, decapitated heads. i mean it's bad. recent texas case had a member admit the murder elevated his status. he said hell, yeah, the crazier you're known to be, the more respect the gang will give you. my name in the street is psycho. thank you, psycho, thank you for your testimony. no more questions. then there is the holy land foundation, that bill clinton said was terrorist group in '95. then the black panthers are
2:39 am
physically intimidating people in voting polls in philadelphia. weather underground blew up bombs at the state department and pentagon in the '60s. then storm, i love this. you should read this. reclaiming revolution. spooky. militant group in america. sounds like a bunch of crazy groups, doesn't it? not everybody thinks they're crazy. for instance, cindy mckinney is on the side of answer l.a. in bed with them. former attorney general ramsey clark in bed with them. laroza. sonia sotomayor is a member of laroza. obama addressed the l.a. loraza in 2008. eric holder, this is really interesting. eric holder, ms-13, the explanation and he decided to step in and make sure three illegal immigrants in ms-13, three gang members, they are the decapitation gang, don't forget, that they don't get
2:40 am
the death penalty. eric holder just did that. weird. then you have the holy land foundation over the summer, valley jarret delivered the keynote address at the islamic society of north america's annual convention. if you read the "new york times" this morning, you'd know that isna was named a coconspirator in the federal case against the holy hand do -- holy land foundation which was funding hamas. okay. got that one and that one. holy land. oh, black panthers. you know what? eric holder again. completely dismissed the voter intimidation case with the black panthers. whether un weather underground, yeah. he works for state of new york. he's friends only through their children, but barack obama. again, eric holder led the last-minute effort to pardon members fromwa weather
2:41 am
underground after bill clinton's presidency. and he came out and said he was afraid of domestic terrorists. that's weird, isn't it? i know timothy mcveigh, but does he know these guys and people he's pardoning? then of course there is storm. the overthrow america communist group which was created by van jones who now works at the center for american progress, funded by george soros. center for american progress. hey! that just happens to be the place where bill clinton was speaking when he predicted the that trouble was on the way.
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>> glenn: so how and why is the left, to purposefully use
2:46 am
a word that was used this weekend, agitating the movement? here to explain is bybart, andrew bybart. publisher of you can feel it coming and americans aren't buying it. i asked you and you've been doing a great job on your website, big government, of just showing all of the videotape. can you take us through a quick history of what we do know where any kind of violence is at? >> well it started to happen after the town halls in early august that were an unexpected uprising. independents and middle americans. it wasn't even a tea party congregation. it was people asking their representatives will you read the bill? can you tell us what is in the bill? they weren't prepared to answer the questions. around august 5, the afl-cio wrote a letter, john sleeney
2:47 am
wrote a letter picked up in the huffington post that said you need to get in these people's faces. they described the tea parties and they described the people going to town halls as an angry mob. so there was coordination by organiz organized labor to be muscle. and same week that came out, the white house said if they punch you, punch back twice as hard. that was the night that two incidents happened. one in tampa, and one in st. louis at the carnahan town hall. the one in tampa happened first where you saw a guy who was unof the protesters -- one of the protesters by his shirt ripped off by union thugs. at another event ken knit gladney called "n" word by two goons. the same day the white house said punch back twice as hard, the same day that labor said get in this fight.
2:48 am
on behalf of the administration. because organized labor were going to be the biggest beneficiaries if this bill were to pass. >> glenn: i have to tell you, i have to write these off as coincidence, though i told the radio audience today. change your life. for the next 30 days don't write off anything as a coincidence. if you look at the goldman sachs things, and coming out the same week, reform. what a coincidence that is. there are no coincidences. the list just goes on and on and on. >> you want to talk about there is not coincidences, go to a week-and-a-half ago, where richard trumpca, the current head of the afl-cio that compared you to father cogland and said people on the tea party side are a bunch of racists, he was the one who said he has never seen an environment like this since before j.f.k. was killed in 1963. and so you have bill clinton comparing this to a
2:49 am
pre-oklahoma city environment. and you have the afl-cio comparing this to prej.f.k. those are two of the three worst tragedies in the last 40 and 50 years that all americans agree are horrific. >> glenn: i have to tell you, i mean, maybe i have my conspiracy theories wrong, because i'm not a conspiracy theer oris theorist, but i thought everybody like me at tea parties were conspiracy theorists and i thought the c.i.a. or union that killed jack kennedy. isn't that -- i'm just saying. right back with andrew. >> i don't want to impugn -- >> glenn: hang on.
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>> glenn: andrew is back and we're talking in the commercial break about the unions. and we were both talking. and he said, i got to point out you have a lot of people that are in unions that tip you off. >> well, the unions are upset that their money is spent on this stuff. the seiu is going in debt trying to get barack obama elected. they were the greatest beneficiaries from the healthcare legislation. >> glenn: right. >> the afl-cio car-check is one of the major things to help perpetuate democratic
2:54 am
party controls. they don't want to be part of the apparatus and the best tipsters we have out there. >> glenn: they are afraid. they're afraid of the people who are supposed to take care and represent you. it's not the rank and file union members. it's not. is it the thugs. who doesn't know the thugs in the union exist? of course they do. it's unfortunate because people feel they're trapped. >> we talked about the violence that occurred. the ie 3w, local from las vegas attacked a tea party bus three weeks ago. we were able to isolate people part of the threatening. one guy threatened me with physical harm. the other people were throwing the bus.
2:55 am
the other people were distracting, calling the police on me. we isolated two of the union thugs. one was making $111,000 a year, the other was making $103,000 a year. andy stern from seiu is making $357,000 a year. and you wonder why their pension funds are going bust. >> glenn: hmm. we don't have time for it but i wanted to get these in, america. just so you know where the violence is. union leader memo praying for chris christie's death. an amazing thing. the left, the boycotts, van jones group,, seiu and jim wallace, i don't think -- would you agree this is an abuse of power? >> it's absolutely an abuse of power. yeah, it's worse than just abuse of power. these things are happening, they are being reported but the press refuses to report on real acts of violence. yet then
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